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Digital Nomad Visas for beginners

Everyone loves a classical dream job that is beyond the restrictions of specified timings and location. Becoming a Digital nomad is the perfect fit for those who want to enjoy traveling and remote working. With the advancement in the present era, there has been established a new community of remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

It can be a source of passive income generation by remote work permits with the ease of traveling. A digital nomad is one who just needs the pieces of equipment like a smartphone, laptop, a stable internet connection, and the required skills.

A digital nomad loves to work at different places beyond the limitations of certain specific geographical regions and the hectic routine of 9-5 duration of job timings. They will be relying upon digital technology to work smoothly and remotely from different locations in the world. Although, it requires the legal right of digital nomads need to stay in those countries where they want to work like digital nomads. It requires certain procedures with some understanding. digital nomad visas are allocated for digital nomads that give them a new way to live beyond their hometown and remotely work in different countries.

In the past few years due the covid, many of us are shifting towards digital workers with location independence for some time. 

What is Digital Nomad Visa?

It is a kind of document that gives an individual a legal permit to work remotely.

It helps travelers to live and work on a remote work basis In abroad. these are also defined programs issued by the governments of some countries.

These visas are different from travel visas. So, in order to provide foreign individuals with the legal permit for working via traveling, Many countries have allowed for digital nomads’ visas. These are regarded as short-term visas with no citizenship. but also give you the opportunity for freelancers or digital nomads who love to work remotely with the ease of traveling.

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It can give a legal right to a visitor to stay in a country and work there remotely with the help of only a computer/laptop for a foreign base business employer.

This nomad visa has a duration of up to 12 months and can be extended further for one or more years depending upon the particular guideline of the destination country’s regulations about this visa policy. Moreover, it is most cost-effective than other tourists visas because these are not usually long-term visas at the start.

Why Are Digital Nomad Visas Created?

This nomadic life has become more challenging due to the covid and other travel restrictions. it has created the urge to make sense to consider longer-term working options or somehow settle as a digital worker in a nomad worker-friendly country to pursue a digital-made career further.

It is usually considered a freelance visa, for which remote employees don’t require a visa to be a digital nomads. But there is a need for every issued process. The individual requires a nomad visa to stay longer in a country than the already given duration permit via a tourist visa. You must meet the regularity requirements that vary from country to country for a visa.

Digital Nomads vs Remote Workers?

A remote worker is tied to a specified location either a home or a co-working space. while a Digital nomad is one with freelancing work with traveling ease depending upon the access or need of work. They can travel around the world to eligible countries.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Below, you will find a list of the advantages and disadvantages of


  • Certain beautiful countries were hard hit by the COVID pandemic. It could generate high revenues through tourism. They have launched digital nomad visas to make up for some of the lost revenue.
  • Digital nomad work visas open up an immigration pathway. It enables people to live and work across borders.
  • Some countries allow eligible individuals to apply online. While some give this opportunity via petitioners or the consulate or embassy, There are certain policies and regulations in every country. And a digital nomad has to follow those regulations.
  • It is usually based on true experience. Once the digital nomad reaches their destined country, There is no tracking of activities by authorities. These authorities won’t barge into the activities of nomad workers. The remote workspaces can be cafes, beaches, seasides, libraries or bookstores, etc.
  • The digital nomad visa gives you a legal permit to capitalize abroad. and can enjoy the stress-free remote work experience with ease.
  •  In contrast to visitor visas, a longer duration is one of the benefits of digital visas. It ranges from six months to two years. However, most travel visas are only valid for two to three months.
  • It also helps you avoid tax problems while traveling. The international tax has complications and frequent changes in its procedures. Yet, with the help of a digital nomad visa, you won’t have to worry about this tax issue. You need to ensure that you have cleared tax issues in your home country. That’s all you need to go on a happy journey with remote work experience.
  • It makes a person more productive and creative.
  • It increases your work experience. It will help build a functional social circle with people from different countries.
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However, none of the forms of digital nomad visas or tourist visas allow the visa holders to get officially employed by the local company in the country where they are staying as remote workers.

Eligibility Criteria

Every digital nomad visa is different. So you need to provide relevant data for the specified destination-related policies and guidelines.

And try to apply 3 to 4 months before you plan to go. Remote employees should stay informed about the digital nomad visa eligibility criteria. Generally, a digital nomad or a remote worker requires

  • proof of a specific, stable and steady income or job
  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • a valid and eligible passport for processing the digital nomad visa application.
  • Nationality 
  • Any visa history
  • to check out whether the applicant is considered a threat to the destination country’s health and security measures.

How to apply for Digital Nomad Visa

The step-wise application process:

  • Fill out the application form
  • Book and schedule an appointment with the embassy or consulate.
  • Prepare the required documents for further process
  • Submit the application form for completing this process
  • It is important to note that some countries require applicants for nomad visas or remote-work visas, to pay the visa application fee before the further process. they have to submit the payment receipts along with other documents for this visa.

Documents Required to apply

Here is the general list of required documents for applying for Noam visas:

  • Application form of Visa
  • Your passport
  • Verified identity photos also with 2 to 3 extra photos.
  • Financial income or remote revenue source/income proof
  • Travel ing health insurance
  • Official civil documents like your CV/Resume, educational and birth certifications, further any qualifications
  • The evidence of remote work (either client details, business license or work evidence)
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Income Tax Situation

  • Citizenship-based taxation: applies only to US citizens, whether they are nomads or not.
  • Residence-based taxation: like in France and Australia. The digital nomad pays for these countries’ residence tax laws.
  • Territorial taxation: digital nomads are charged tax if they only earn an income within their country of residence, like Panama or Costa Rica.

Can I work remotely on a tourist visa?

No, it is prohibited to use a short-term tourist visa for remote working. This may lead to legal action against the individual working as an employee.


Becoming a digital nomad means that you have chosen a lifestyle to untie yourself from working at an office desk and select the best location-independent method while enjoying the fun of traveling. But keep in mind that traveling also brings about certain visa and border-related issues to tackle. Digital nomads or remote workers can work from anywhere in the world using their smartphone or laptop, allowing them to travel to or work in countries other than their home country. Any hotel, coffee shop, or library with a stable internet connection is the perfect place to work.

Have a happy digital nomad journey!

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