Romania Digital Nomad Visa: Application, Eligibility, Cost, & Visa Denial


Romania is one of the most attractive countries in Europe. Every city in Romania has its unique vibe. Moreover, it has everything that a digital nomad wants. From high-speed internet to inexpensive accommodation and stunning landscapes which are home to friendly and welcoming people.

Romania has designed a digital nomad visa which attracts remote workers from non-European countries. Through this visa, you can live for twelve months in Romania as a remote worker. Moreover, the culture is productive and amazing, and most of the digital nomads give positive feedback about their stay in Romania. 

What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

A digital nomad visa is a permit through which freelancers, remote workers or ex-pats can live in another country for six months or a year. Therefore living in a new place allows you to meet people around the world belonging to various cultures.

Hence through digital nomad pass you can attain work-life flexibility. It involves the process of submission of your documents. Throughout the whole process, you have to remain in contact with the respective embassy.

Is Romania a good country for Digital Nomads?

Romania is one of the most affordable countries in Europe for digital nomads. Being a digital nomad, freelancer, remote worker,  entrepreneur or expat you can enjoy a high-quality lifestyle at a reasonable cost. The cities in Romania have the best railway networks. 

Moreover, this place is a blend of incredible mountains and lush green botanical gardens. Therefore you can visit plenty of places to relax in Romania. There are a variety of options available for accommodation. Hence you can surely find the one that suits you the best. But there is a drawback of living in Romania, that most of the cities are congested and noisy. So you choose the place that matches your interests.

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Documents Required for Romania Digital Nomad Visa

Here are the documents that you have to submit while applying for Romania Digital Nomad Visa:

  • You have to submit a valid passport.
  • Submit your accommodation proof along with your health insurance. 
  • A clear criminal record is also necessary for Romania digital nomad visa.
  • They require your remote work contract with the company you’ve been working for past three years.
  • Moreover, you have to submit the apostilled (attested) document by the public administration institute of your state.
  • A travel visa is also required for Romania digital nomad permit.
  • And if you’re driving in Romania, in this case, you have to submit your license and your vehicle registration.

Eligibility Criteria for Romania Digital Nomad Visa 

You have to fulfil the following eligibility criteria for Romania digital nomad visa:

  • You must have a remote work contract with a company that must be outside Romania.
  • Your monthly income must be around $4,030 for becoming eligible for Romania digital nomad pass.
  • You must be well aware of the use of technology for your remote work.

Romania Digital Nomad Visa Cost

The cost isn’t cited clearly on the Romanian immigration sites. Therefore while applying for your nomad visa you can consult the embassy for fee submission.

Romania Digital Nomad Visa Income Tax 

You don’t have to pay any tax during your stay as a remote worker. But if you stay more than 183 days, in this case, you become eligible for tax. And for verifying the tax policy as a digital nomad we’d recommend you consult a tax advisor in Romania.

How to apply for Romania Digital Nomad Visa?

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to apply for a Romania digital nomad permit:

  • Account creation 

First of all, you have to create an account on the Romanian eVisa website. After the creation of your account, you can further go for applying.

  • Gather documents

Now gather all the required documents. Moreover, you can also cross-check the documents from their website too.

  • Apply online 

After the creation of your account and gathering all the required documents, you simply have to click on the apply button here.

  • Approval 

Now wait for the approval of your visa application. It will take up to 10 to 14 working days.

Benefits of Working as a Digital Nomad in Romania 

Here are the perks of being a digital nomad in Romania:

  • Romania has one of the best internet. It stands among the top 10 countries for having the fastest internet connections.
  • There are various options available for accommodation in Romania. Therefore you can easily find an apartment for you at an affordable cost.
  • Moreover, most Romanians speak English. Therefore you won’t face any difficulty while communicating.
  • Romania doesn’t charge any tax on digital nomads or remote workers.
  • The infrastructure of Romania is amazing and every place there is worth visiting. 
  • Almost every street in Romania is lined by productive cafes and coworking spaces.
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Best Cities for Digital Nomads in Romania 

Here are some recommended picks for digital nomads in Romania:

  • Cluj Napoca

Cluj Napoca is a hub of the IT industry. You’ll find more students and youngsters in the city. There are several apartments in Cluj Napoca so you can easily find one that fits your needs the best. Moreover, if you are willing to live in a shared accommodation, it will cost you around $328. 

The city has many art galleries and museums. You can also go hiking. Moreover, for an adventure spot, don’t forget to visit “HoiaBaciu Forest”. Most of the coworking spaces offer fast WiFi connections. The people of Cluj Napoca are warm and friendly. Hence you’ll not have any difficulty in communication. Lastly, the total cost of living in Cluj Napoca is around $875.

  • Brasov

A city with infinite jaw-dropping scenic views and amazing architecture. You’ll never get bored of Brasov. The people in Brasov can speak and understand English. Moreover, the city offers an ideal climate and you’ll feel lost in the bliss of Brasov. As a digital nomad, it is suggested to rent an Airbnb, which will cost you around $500 per month. 

The internet speed in Brasov is 160 Mbps. And you won’t face any problem with the internet speed, whether you’re in a cafe or restaurant. Worth visiting places in Brașov include Sfatului and Ponia Brașov. The city is walkable and you can easily enjoy the holidays at an affordable cost. Moreover, the total cost of living in Brasov is $800.

  1. Bucharest 

Bucharest is the capital of Romania which encloses a blend of historic and modern city vibes. This place reflects the communist era in Romania. Many places in this city are lined with diverse cafes, hotels and restaurants. Moreover, a large community of remote workers lives in Bucharest. Therefore you’ll have a chance to meet like-minded people.

The speed of the internet is 90Mbps. Being a digital nomad you’ll find affordable accommodations starting from $350. Furthermore, there are amazing coworking spaces in Bucharest. For enjoying the authentic cuisine and vibes of Bucharest you can visit the old street. Despite being such a great city Bucharest is known for its traffic jams and overpopulation. Moreover, the total cost of living in Bucharest is around $1,500.

  • Sibiu

This place is surrounded by the beauty of mountains along with incredible historic architecture inside. Sibui is an affordable city for ex-pats and digital nomads. You’ll find a single room or coliving space for around $400. You’ll fall in love with the streets of Sibui as they are embellished with Saxon architecture.

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This city is mainly for those who love hiking. Moreover, you’ll find Sibui a quiet and calm place. Therefore if you love working around these kinds of places, then Sibui is an ideal choice for you as a remote worker. Most importantly the total cost of living in Sibui is around $1000 to $1,200.

  • Timișoara

This beauty is situated on Begat River. As a digital nomad or remote worker you can enjoy a high-quality lifestyle in Timișoara. The speed of the internet in Timișoara is 89 Mbps. You’ll find affordable coworking starting from $115 to $200 per month. This city has a vibrant culture so it becomes noisy. 

But if you’re looking for quiet places in Timișoara then Sagului would be a good choice for you. For accommodation, you can rent an Airbnb, which will cost you around $800. Moreover, in your leisure time, you can visit the old town in the Historic center, the botanical gardens and you can also enjoy the boat tour of Begat River. Furthermore, you need around $1,500 for your expenses per month in Timișoara. 

Best Co-working Spaces for Remote Workers in Romania 

Here you go with the list of nomad-friendly coworking spaces for digital nomads or remote workers in Romania:

  • Beerow, Cluj Napoca.
  • B.House, Constanta
  • TOffice, Sibui.
  • MugHub, Cluj Napoca.
  • a space Floreasca, Bucharest.
  • Workify, Timișoara
  • The Verdict, Cluj Napoca
  • Commons Romana, Bucharest.
  • NOOK, Sibui.
  • Tomis Hub, Constanta.

Romania Digital Nomad Visa Rejection Rate and Appeal Procedure 

The rejection rate for Romania’s digital nomad pass is higher as compared to another European Visas. Therefore you have to cross-check every request for your visa application otherwise it may get denied. 

Moreover, you have to submit the appeal for the denial of your visa application and wait 30 days for their reply. If your appeal gets refused, then the better way is to apply again.

Family Members on your Romania Digital Nomad Visa 

Yes, you take your visa with you as a digital nomad in Romania. But you have to apply separately for a family visa for Romania.


What is the cost of living in Romania?

The total cost of living in Romania as a digital nomad is around $1,500 per month.

What is the internet speed in Romania?

The speed of the internet in Romania is 260.97 Mbps. 

How long is the processing time for the Romania Digital Nomad Visa?

It takes around two weeks for the approval of your visa application. And in some cases, it can take more time.

Other European countries for digital nomads visa.

Here are the best European countries for digital nomad visas:


Romania has all the ease that a digital nomad or remote worker wants. As it has an affordable cost of living. You can enjoy more by spending less in Romania. Moreover, the country has a nice climate along with scenic landscapes. Being a digital nomad in Romania you have a great opportunity to build connections with the expats and freelancers from different parts of the globe.

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