Georgia Digital Nomad Visa: Requirement, Application, Eligibility & Cost


Georgia Digital Nomad Visa: REQUIREMENT, Application, Eligibility & Cost

A small country got incredible attention after providing opportunities for digital nomads from around the world in 95 countries. Georgia has turned out to be a super-friendly place for remote workers. 

Moreover, the statistics from 2021 show that about 27,00 people belonging to various territories have joined Georgia as remote workers. You may have seen that opening bank accounts, insurance policies, and other stuff is a tedious task in other regions. 

On the other hand, Georgia has no such restrictions, and it provides freelancers with instant access to a bank account. And what could be more satisfying than working along with your family, surrounded by captivating belts of mountains all around?

For this very reason, Georgia stands among the top priorities for digital nomads. Hence, in this article, you’ll uncover every piece of information regarding working as a digital nomad in Georgia. So let’s move on.

What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

Digital Nomad Visa gives the legal authority to the remote worker to live in a respective country for about 6 months to 1 year. Hence, remote workers can attain this visa by providing proof of their income with the application to verify whether they can afford to live in that country.

Moreover, this passive income visa has no strict rules like other visas. And instead of locking yourself up in your country, this remote travel program provides you with a lenient opportunity to travel around various countries.  Many remote workers face the problem of just working from their own country because the requirements of visas for other countries are somehow strict and time taking.  Moreover, freelancers usually don’t find time to travel due to work burdens. Hence, to wipe out all these difficulties, about 51 countries have introduced the “Digital Nomad Visa.”

Is Georgia a good county for Digital Nomads? 

Georgia is one of the most inexpensive countries for freelancers. From living space to meals and travel, a digital nomad gets everything at a reasonable cost. Moreover, if we talk about landscapes, they are worth seeing. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about security because Georgia is also one of the safest places to visit. 

Being a remote worker, the most important thing is to look for an internet connection. So in this case, the internet in Georgia is fast, but it doesn’t work in areas like mountains.

Moreover, you can wander freely in the streets and enjoy mouth-watering cuisine. As the country has mountains around it, you must try hiking too. And many lush green gardens are waiting to become radiant in the presence of visitors.

Most importantly, its capital, Tbilisi, captivated a lot of digital nomads due to its hospitality. Almost all digital nomads around the world prefer staying in Tbilisi. Hence, you’ll get a chance to develop more valuable connections with other remote workers.

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People working remotely in Georgia don’t have to worry about the workspace because the government has taken the responsibility to give them workspace with the local businesses there absolutely for free. And the tax is also low there, so we’ll discuss its details in the next section. Overall, it would be a great choice if you’re looking for a peaceful and affordable destination as a digital nomad.

Documents required for Georgia Digital Nomad Visa

Following are details of the documents that you require to apply for a Georgia remote work permit visa, which is known as “remotely from Georgia.” The application process is 100% free. Here is the link to apply

  • First of all, you must have a visa of at least 3 months for applying as a remote worker in Georgia.
  • Then you have to submit proof of your income, your business, and copies of your work contract. And a bank statement too.
  • Your income must be $2000 per month and if in case you have no income then at least your savings should be $24,000 per month.
  • And entrepreneurs need to submit their roles in their company along with their company/ business details.
  • You also need to upload the documents of health insurance for 6 months.
  • The application process will take just 10 minutes to complete,  and then you’ll get the invitation letter for “Remotely form Georgia” within 10 days. 

Eligibility Criteria 

Before applying as a digital nomad in Georgia, have a look at the criteria below.

  • Applicants must be from 95 countries approved by Georgia as eligible for “Remotely from Georgia”.
  • You must upload all the documents properly.
  • The remote worker must have proof of income ($2000 per month or savings of $24,000 per month).
  • And if you want to live with your family then it’s necessary to get approval through an invitation letter.

Georgia Digital Nomad Visa Cost

The cost of this freelancer visa is the most important thing to consider. And luckily, “remotely from Georgia” is free to apply for.

Georgia Digital Nomad Visa Income Tax

Georgia has made separate rules and regulations for digital nomads. The income tax isn’t very high, which is why Georgia is the choice of most freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers.

So now let’s get straight into its tax details.

  • A remote worker who is staying less than 183 days has to give zero tax.
  • A remote worker who after the 183rd and onwards of having his stay in Georgia becomes eligible to give 20% tax.
  • And a person having income less than $155,000 is eligible for only 1% tax. 

How to apply for Georgia Digital Nomad Visa?

Here is a step-by-step guide to applying for a remote worker visa in Georgia. Here is the official link

1. Documents

Gather all documents mentioned below before filling out the application form. Moreover, you can also check the needed documents from the official website too.

  • Passport.
  • Georgia’s Visa.
  • Proof of income with the bank statement.
  • Health insurance document.

Make sure that you have 2-3 soft copies of these documents.

2. Selecting Type 

After opening the application form, select from the options whether you’re applying as a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or an employee.

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3. Personal Information 

Then you’ll see a section of personal information where you have to put your name, contact information (including email), passport and visa information, date of birth, etc. And if you want to take your family with you, don’t forget to put their information in the application form.

4. Uploading Documents

At last, they’ll ask you to upload the relevant documents necessary for a remote visa. Make sure that you’ve uploaded them correctly. And you’re done with the application process.

5. Submission

Before clicking on the submit button, check all the added information once. Now wait for at least 10 days and you’ll get their response through email.

Benefits of working as a Digital Nomad in Georgia

Georgia has become the preferred destination for digital workers, and this is all due to the ease with which Georgia provides remote workers. Hence, here are some perks of living in Georgia, as a digital nomad.

  • The application process for applying as a Digital Nomad is just 10 minutes. You don’t need to upload many documents. And there are no charges for it.
  • Living in Georgia feels like living in an affordable country in South Asia. As the cost of accommodation and meals is cheap. Accommodation in Georgia costs about $ 400 per month and a meal from a local restaurant is only $3 even if you try cuisine from a luxurious restaurant it costs about $25-$30.
  • In Georgia, the tax is low for remote workers. For instance, you just need to pay a 1% tax if you earn less than $155,000 and if you stay more than 183 days then you become eligible for just a 20% tax.
  • Being cheap and affordable doesn’t mean that living is also moderate. But Georgia’s living standard is also satisfactory. Because there are a lot of places where you can go to relish yourself.
  • Moreover, the government itself provides co-working spaces for free to the Digital Nomads.
  • It’s a safer country and the rate of crimes is low here. The speed of the internet connection is also good.

Hence, according to these benefits, Georgia is gradually becoming a hub for digital nomads.

Best Cities for Digital Nomads in Georgia

Keeping in mind all the needs of digital nomads mentioned below, below are the cities to consider, because these cities are super friendly and filled with diverse cultures. In the case of living costs, cuisine, coworking spaces, and the internet, they are a perfect fit for a freelancer. These cities are.

  • Tbilisi: Being a digital nomad, your priority should be staying in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The living standard is perfect for remote workers because Tbilisi is currently one of the rapidly growing cities with Digital Nomads from various countries. Hence, staying in Tbilisi will be valuable for you as you can make connections with other remote workers belonging to different counties. And if we talk about food, it’s worth eating, and you can visit Amra for a taste of the local cuisine. Moreover, in Dezerter Bazaar, you’ll find delicious eateries. Despite the food, there are plenty of activities you can do for your refreshment in Tbilisi, “Rustaveli Avenue” is a good choice as it’s a blend of all restaurants, malls and other scenic places to visit.
  • Atlanta: The second place to choose as a remote worker is Atlanta.  Digital nomads admire this city because it provides a lot of facilities for them. Due to this reason, Atlanta is also recognized as one of the best places for freelancers.  You’ll hardly face any internet problems there, as the internet speed in most areas is 50 Mbps, and this city has the best internet providers with reasonable rates. The government has provided access to public WIFI to about 100,000 remote workers, along with 25 shared offices for freelancers. The lifestyle, including food and living, in Atlanta is also similar to that in Tbilisi.
  • Batumi: Though Batumi is a good city in Georgia, it would still be the third choice because it hasn’t completely grown like Atlanta for remote workers. It’s gradually growing, and here you’ll find the cost of living higher than in other cities in Georgia.  But there are plenty of places to visit, like beaches, as this city lies near the Georgia Black Sea; this adds more beauty to it, and its botanical gardens are worth seeing. Therefore, if as a remote worker you’re looking for some exciting stuff for traveling, Batumi is a good place to go. Banana apartments are available for rent here. These are the reasonable ones in Batumi, and Batumi Surf Hostel is also good because there are a lot of markets and restaurants. Furthermore, don’t forget to taste the Bonaro and Khachapuri, both famous for their cheese. 
  • Marietta: Marietta is also a great place. It is well known for its diverse hotels. We can say that Marietta is a hub of many parks that are quiet and calm. Moreover, bookstores, restaurants, and malls are worth visiting. There you’ll find many friendly coworking spaces easily. Like “Fireworks Coworking is welcoming for new remote workers.” Henceforth if you don’t find any space in Tbilisi or Atlanta and Marietta is reasonable but still, you’ll not be able to find fast internet here as it fluctuates sometimes. 
  • Kutaisi: If you get a direct flight to Kutaisi then do stay there for 2-3 days from travelling. But as a remote worker, do stay there if you can afford costly accommodations. In case of an emergency, you can choose this city, but working here for 6 months will be hectic for you. As there is no metro in Kutaisi, if you want to travel, you’ll face difficulties. And taxi services are not reliable. But if you want to explore the real cultures of villages and fields, then it would be a good choice.
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Best Coworking Spaces for Digital Nomads In Georgia 

Here are some recommendations for the best coworking spaces in Georgia. 

  • Terminal Khorava, Tibisil.
  • Vake Cowork, Tibisil.
  • Hostel City, Kutaisi.
  • Book CornerCafe, Tibisili.
  • Alkaloid Networks, Atlanta.
  • Nimble Coworking, Atlanta.


What is the cost of living in Georgia?

Being a digital nomad in Georgia costs about $780 per month. including all accommodation, meals, and travel costs within the country.

What is the internet speed in Georgia?

The Internet speed in Georgia is 50 Mbps, but if you are in a mountainous area, the speed may fluctuate.

How long is the processing time for the Georgia Passive Income Visa?

It takes only 10 days for approval and an invitation letter.

More European countries with digital nomad visas?

Here are some other European countries for remote work visas, and they are a suitable fit for remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

  • Portugal.
  • Greece.
  • Germany
  • Iceland.
  • Romania.

Can your family join you on a Georgia digital nomad visa?

Georgia also allows digital nomads to stay with families, and there are other rules and regulations for their approval. 


Gone are the days when freelancers and remote workers were only limited to their own country. Now about 51 countries have provided opportunities for these remote workers through the remote worker visa so that they can also enjoy traveling and the diversity of different cultures. 

Moreover, working in another country provides a growth opportunity to learn new things in a new land. Afterwards, these things benefit a whole nation. Hence, those remote workers must not miss this valuable opportunity and must go to spend some time in other regions through a ” Digital Nomad Visa” and therefore can become a global nomad.


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