Norway Digital Nomad Visa: Application, Eligibility & Cost


Norway Digital Nomad Visa requirements, application, eligibility

Norway has a literacy rate above 95% and a high standard of living. A digital nomad can surely learn a lot and enjoy the time of his nomadism spent in Norway. You’ll see that Norway has a lot of job opportunities because this country believes in raising the standard of not only its citizens but its visitors too. 

Moreover, the ratio of people working remotely in Norway is 39%.From this, you can see that remote workers can find a suitable job for themselves quickly in Norway. Before applying, you must know that there are two types of visas in Norway that a digital nomad can obtain. One is an Independent Contractor Visa through which you can also work for Norwegian clients. Hence for this visa, you must be an owner of a stable business. 

The other one is the Svalbard Digital Nomad Visa. This visa is only for the Svalbard region and is for lifetime. Despite being a remote area, Svalbard has a fast internet connection and the best accommodations for freelancers.

Though Norway has a harsh climate, still you must experience the adventure of living as a digital nomad once because most digital nomads working in Norway give positive reviews about it despite the harsh weather. As Norway has everything to offer that a digital nomad wants.

What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, or remote workers who want to work while traveling in any geographical location of the world have the opportunity provided by various countries a “Digital Nomad Visa ” for them. 

Through this visa, remote workers get the legal authority to work in any region worldwide. Moreover, every country 

has its own rules and regulations regarding its Digital Nomad Visa. 

Is Norway a good country for Digital Nomads?

Choosing a country is the most vital point to consider being a digital nomad. If you enjoy frozen weather, Norway is best for nomadism. It is populated with incredibly scenic landscapes in which you’ll forget about stress.

Moreover, if you’re a European national, you, as a remote worker, don’t need a visa for Norway. There are many opportunities for digital nomads. Most importantly, startups and businesses in Norway are mainly looking for remote workers.

The best part about Norway’s remote visa is that, unlike other countries, you can work for Norwegian companies. Therefore, visit Norway at least once in your nomadic life, as there is a lot of new and valuable stuff waiting for you to experience.

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Around 39% of jobs in Norway are done remotely. Therefore, it has provided its citizens with one of the fastest internet networks in the world.

Documents Required for Norway Digital Nomad Visa 

As there are two remote visas in Norway, one is the “Svalbard Digital Nomad Visa,” and the other is the “Independent Contractor Visa.” Both permits have the exact requirements. Hence here’s a list of requirements for a Norway digital nomad visa.

  • It would be best if you had a passport and a full copy of the other pages.
  • A complete application form for Norway remote visa (which you can also submit online).
  • Your education documents, such as your degree and certificates, are required.
  • Moreover, you need to give them your income proof with bank statements.
  • Make sure to have your health insurance documents.
  • A resume/CV is also necessary.
  • Two passport-size photos, and make sure that they have a white background.

Additional Documents for Norway Digital Nomad Visa 

The Norway Independent Contractor Visa has some additional requirements. Hence after having the documents mentioned earlier, make sure to have these documents too.

  • You must have to provide qualifications for your profession.
  • Proof of work (like offered business or job in Norway).
  • You must also provide accommodation proof in Norway for an Independent Contractor Visa.
  • And you also have to show income proof (at least €35,710 annually).

Eligibility Criteria for Svalbard Digital Nomad Visa 

It would help if you matched the following criteria for becoming eligible as a remote worker in Norway.

  • To obtain a Svalbard remote work visa, you must have proof of residence in Svalbard.
  • You must be financially stable enough to fulfill your expenses there. For this, your earnings must be around €35,000 annually.
  • Fortunately, there is no restriction of the country in applying for a Svalbard freelancer visa. Hence freelancers from any region of the world can apply for it.
  • You must have a remote job to meet the eligibility criteria for Svalbard Digital Nomad Visa.

Eligibility Criteria for Independent Contractor Visa 

Though the eligibility for both remote visas is similar, the Independent Contractor Visa has some additional demands too.

  • To become eligible for Norway Independent Contractor Visa, you must be a non-European citizen.
  • Besides this, one of your clients must be from Norway ( who can pay you while you live in Norway).
  • Moreover, you must earn €35,719 annually to meet the Norway digital nomad visa criteria.

Norway Digital Nomad Visa Cost

The cost for the Norway Digital Nomad Visa is €600. You can pay this through the UDI website (This cost applies to both Svalbard remote and independent contractor visas).

Norway Digital Nomad Visa Income Tax

Being a Digital Nomad in Norway, you must pay a 25% tax (including the tax on goods and services). And you become eligible to pay the tax after your 183rd day in Norway.

How to apply for a Norway Digital Nomad Visa? 

Knowing the complete procedure is necessary to take advantage of every step that could lead to your application’s rejection. So follow this step-by-step guide.

  • Documents 

Collect all the documents required for a Norway digital nomads visa, like a passport application form, UDI checklist, bank statements, income proof, etc. Moreover, you can also check them from the Norway Directorate of Immigration website.

  • Application and UDI Checklist 

Please take out the print of the Norway Remote Visa application form and  UDI checklist print and fill them out correctly.

  • Contacting Embassy 

Contact your nearest Norwegian Embassy through email or meet them in person. Book an appointment and submit all your documents (including the application form, UDI checklist, and application fee to them).

  • Approval 

Wait for about three months for approval of your application.

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Svalbard Digital Nomad Visa Application Process 

The application process for the Svalbard remote visa is the same as the Norway remote visa. But you can apply to Svalbard online too. And then wait for a month for their response.

Benefits of working as a Digital Nomad in Norway

Here are some perks of working as a Digital Nomad in Norway.

  • Norway has one of the highest ratios of educated people here; you’ll find many book readers. And from statistics, it is calculated that about 90-99% of people in Norway are literate. So you can learn a lot from their lifestyle while being a digital nomad in Norway.
  • The best thing about Norway is its captivating beauty. In your leisure time, there are many places worth seeing in Norway.
  • You’ll get complete peace of mind there as people there are gracious and they are generous towards their visitors. Moreover, there is hardly any crime in Norway. For this very reason, it is among one of the world’s happiest countries.
  • Unlike other visas, Norway’s remote pass has a long duration. Svalbard Visa is for a lifetime, and the Independent contractor visa is for two years.
  • If you get an independent contractor visa, you’ll have many freelancing opportunities.
  • It has a high standard of living and thus has more living expenses than other European countries. But if you’re looking for a country with reasonable costs as a digital nomad, you must check out Georgia Digital Nomad Visa.
  • As the country has a severe cold climate, remote areas like Svalbard still have the fastest internet connection. So even highly mountainous areas in Norway, have no internet issues.

Best Cities for Digital Nomads in Norway 

Every city in Norway is welcoming to digital nomads. There is no internet, accommodation or transport issue in the whole country. But still, I’ve managed to pick out the best cities for you in Norway that are highly suitable for living as a remote worker.

  • Oslo

So let’s start with Norway’s capital, “Oslo ”. This city is known for having tons of job opportunities. Usually, digital nomads with high incomes prefer Oslo for living. The town holds fine restaurants and is surrounded by stunning views of natural beauty. 

Therefore a remote worker gets a peaceful environment all around. But Oslo is somewhat more expensive than other cities in Norway(the world’s 27th most expensive city). If you want to meet the expenses of accommodation, food, and travel expenses, your monthly payments should be at least $2000-$4000.

  • Bergen

Bergen is a city full of zeal and zest in Norway. Bergen’s culture is rich in art. Thus, it always attracts visitors. The best thing about Bergen is its food, which is reasonable and healthy. 

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Moreover, it’s a good choice for socializing, and it has a lot of co-working spaces. The interest speed is 42 MBps, But Bergen is expensive. So your monthly income for living in Bergen must be around $5000. 

  • Alesund

Every city in Norway has its specialty. Rather than other things, Alesund is famous for its seafood. Hence, if you’re a seafood admirer, you should spend some time in this city. People here are educated and have a good command of English.

The major drawback of living in Alesund is unexpected weather that can make traveling difficult for you. Furthermore, accommodation, travel, and food cost about $2000 to $4000 per month. An average internet speed is 45 Mbps.

  • Tromso

Trosomo is for those who admire nature a lot, as its Northern Lights are famous worldwide. So if you want to experience them with your own eyes, you must spend some days of your nomadic life in Trosomo.

Its art architecture is stunning. Moreover, it is one of the safest cities in Europe because of its low crime rate. Keep in mind that in Trosomo, the hotels, restaurants, and almost the whole city make and accept payments through the card. So avoid taking cash and use a card. Trosomo is a good fit for a freelancer earning $2,140 to $4,000 per month.

  • Svalbard

Living in Svalbard isn’t less than an adventure. It is the coldest and most remote area near Norway. But still, it has many digital nomads that don’t hesitate to live in Svalbard and has given positive reviews about this city. Surprisingly being a remote area, it has the fastest internet connection with an average speed of 36 Mbps.

Glaciers and snow surround the place, so skiing is the best activity in Svalbard. The accommodation spaces in Svalbard are warm and cheaper than other rental spaces in Norway. But still, digital nomads suggest the other remote workers with a monthly income of at least €51,147 who are planning to visit Svalbard.

Best Co-working spaces for remote workers in Norway 

Here is a list of some friendly co-working spaces in Norway that are best for remote workers.

  • CoWorx, Kristiansand.
  • Digs, Trondheim.
  • Startup Campus, Oslo.
  • Flow, Trosomo.
  • Mollen co-working space, Bergen.
  • YOYN CoWork, Alesund.
  • WeWork, Svalbard.


What is the cost of living in Norway?

Norway is an expensive country for remote workers due to its high standard of living. So the cost of living in Norway is $2,176 to $4,352 per month.

What is the internet speed in Norway?

Norway has one of the world’s fastest internet speeds, about 52.6 Mbps. The Internet is also available in remote areas of Norway.

How long is the processing time for Norway Digital Nomad Visa?

It takes four months to approve an application for a Norway Digital Nomad Visa. But if you apply online, it will take less time.

More European countries with Digital Nomad Visa 

Here are some other European countries with Digital Nomad Visa:

  • Portugal.
  • Georgia.
  • Germany.
  • Estonia.
  • Croatia.
  • Spain.
  • Hungary.
  • Latvia.

Can your family join you on a Norway Digital Nomad Visa?

Yes, for this, you must apply for a separate “Family Visa” and give its information separately.


Norway is one of the most expensive countries in Europe. But still, it is worth visiting because the people of Norway are highly educated, and the standard of living in Norway is also high so being a Digital nomad, and it would be valuable for you to be around such kinds of people. So if you’re able to meet the expenses of Norway, it is highly recommended to give it a visit once in your nomadic life.

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