Malta Digital Nomad Visa: Application, Eligibility & Cost


You can get a Malta Nomad Residence Permit for a year. A place in Europe where you can enjoy the beauty of three islands at a time. Moreover, Malta is the first place in Europe that offers a quality 5G internet connection all around. Hence you can work from anywhere in Malta without caring about the Internet. 

According to statistics for 2023, there are more than 60,000 expats in Malta. Hence you’ll get a chance to expand your connections with people around the globe. Moreover, this place is more affordable than other states of Europe. Therefore you can enjoy a quality lifestyle at a reasonable cost. The city is full of ancient beauty and picturesque beaches.

What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

As the world is speedily moving towards remote culture after the pandemic. Therefore many countries, after observing the keen interest of remote workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs, designed a digital nomad visa. So that they can travel easily and can continue to work from anywhere in the world without any hassle.

In this category European countries have provided much ease to digital nomads from their visas. Hence experiencing life in European culture will shape you into a new human being. Moreover before applying for any digital nomad visa you have to check its eligibility criteria, otherwise the embassy will refuse your visa if you don’t meet the eligibility criteria.

Is Malta a good country for Digital Nomads?

You can save a lot of money being a digital nomad in Malta. This is one of the most affordable countries with beautiful landscapes for remote workers in Europe. The cities offer amazing beaches and hills add more beauty to this place. The weather in Malta is neither too hot nor too cold. Thus you can enjoy every season there.

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You’ll find a great community of ex-pats in their coworking areas. Moreover, you can easily apply for extended visa programmers in Malta being a remote worker. Malta has a mixed culture thus you can enjoy various cultures living in a single state.

Documents Required for Malta Digital Nomad Visa

Here is the list of documents that to need for a Malta digital nomad visa:

  • You have to submit your national passport having two blank pages. These blank pages are necessary for visa stamps.
  • You need a Europass CV.
  • A properly filled application form (N1 and N4) is required. 
  • You need to submit health insurance documents that cover you for the duration you stay in Malta. 
  • You have to provide accommodation proof in Malta.
  • You have to write a cover letter explaining the reasons for your stay in Malta. 

Eligibility Criteria for Malta Digital Nomad Visa 

You have to meet the following eligibility criteria for Malta remote visa:

  • You must be a non-European citizen to become eligible for this visa.
  • A sound monthly income of at least €2,700 makes you eligible for Malta remote permit.
  • You must have travel documents including proof of your return ticket.
  • Passing the background check is necessary. It includes educational, credit and criminal background checks.
  • The company you’re working with must be outside Malta.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa Cost

The cost of a Malta digital nomad visa application is around €300. But if you’re taking your family with you then you have to pay €300 separately for every individual of your family who is going with you on this remote permit.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa Income Tax 

You don’t have to pay taxes in Malta. But after spending 183 days in Malta. You become a tax resident and you have to pay tax based on your income. Usually, those who have income above €10,000 become eligible to pay 15% tax.

How to apply for Malta Digital Nomad Visa?

Here is a step-by-step guide to applying for Malta remote pass:

  • Gathering Documents 

Gather all the required documents for Malta remote pass. Make sure to check the website for applying so that you can see the latest requirements. Your all documents must be valid.

  • Submit Application 

Download the Malta Digital Nomad Visa application form. And fill it correctly with the required documents and fee submission. You can send your application by mail or online.

  • Approval 

It takes 30 days to get a response for Malta remote permit. Hence after approval, they’ll notify you by email. And then you can travel to Malta.

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Benefits of Working as a Digital Nomad in Malta

Malta is an amazing place for digital nomads in Europe. So here are some of the perks of living as a digital nomad in Malta.

  • Malta is a place enveloping the beauty of aesthetic islands in it. Its beaches, ancient ruins and cities are great spots for relaxation.
  • In Malta, you’ll not face any language barrier as English is widely spoken there.
  • Malta is ranked among the world’s 21st countries to have a good internet connection. 
  • Malta offers a Mediterranean lifestyle that takes you closer to nature. Moreover, Mediterranean cuisine is one of its own kind.
  • Large community of ex-pats are currently living in Malta. Hence as a remote worker or digital nomad, you’ll have a great opportunity for building connections with them.
  • Through Malta’s digital nomad permit, you can easily travel to other parts of Europe without a visa that comes under the Schengen area.

Best Cities for Digital Nomads in Malta 

Malta is a small place having the beauty of three islands. So here is the list of cities that you can choose while your stay in Malta:

  • Valletta

Valletta is a city surrounded by a beautiful beach and historical streets. This city is so vibrant, it has productive coworking spaces. Moreover, if you love shopping, Valletta would be an ideal choice for you.

Valletta has one of the best internet service providers. Hence you can work without any hassle from any area of this city. Though the cost of living in Valletta is much higher than other cities of Malta. According to statistics, Valletta is the 26th most expensive city in the world. 

  • Mosta

Mosta is a Malta with a small population. Hence if you enjoy working in less rushy areas then Mosta is an ideal choice for you. This place is famous for its artistic culture. As you’ll see most of the art galleries and museums in Mosta. 

You can even find free WiFi areas in Mosta. And there are incredible coworking spaces. #CONNECTICLUB Coworking & Cultural Centre is one of the best for remote workers. The total cost of living in Mosta is $1126 to $1500.

  • Sliema 

Sliema is an amazing city for digital nomads and remote workers. It has a beautiful location along with vibrant culture. The best activity to do after a stressful day is diving. Moreover, the scenic beauty of the beaches makes the city more attractive. 

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You can visit ancient temples, and if you’re a fan of creepy adventure then don’t forget to visit Mdina Dungeons. Renting an Airbnb in Sliema would be a great choice. And the total cost of a remote worker in Sliema is $1800 to $2000.

  • Bugibba

This city is famous for its sunset views and amazing rooftop restaurants. Many ex-pats love this place as it gives them the next level of relaxation. You can easily get buses to travel around the city. Moreover, every view from your working space window will show you the historical beauty of Bugibba.

The best part is that you’ll find many cafes providing free internet. But you can also get an internet connection at around $37 per month. Moreover, the total cost of living including food, accommodation and travel is between $1200 to $1500.

  • Paceville

Pacevilla is a city in Malta where you’ll feel at home. It is more modern than other cities of Malta having high buildings and an expanded network of bus routes. It has all the stuff which is necessary for a remote worker. Moreover, there are huge shopping malls and cafes all around with productive coworking spaces. 

Paceville has a great community of expats hence being a digital nomad it would be a great place to live. After a hectic day, you can relax on a sandy beach and can also enjoy its vibrant nightlife. The total cost of living for a freelancer in Paceville is almost $2000.

Best Co-working Spaces for Remote Workers in Malta 

Here is the list of some best coworking spaces for remote workers in Malta:

  • The Penthouse Coworking, Valletta.
  • BUSINESS LABS Coworking, Sliema.
  • Shared Spaces, Sliema.
  • Cowork@Malta TechPark, Msida.
  • WorkInn, Valletta.
  • Regus City Centre, Birkirkara.
  • Hive Malta, Valletta.
  • SC Coworking Campus Malta, Ta’Qali.


1. What is the cost of living in Malta?

The total cost of living for a digital nomad in Malta is $2000 to $2500.

2. What is the internet speed in Malta?

The speed of the internet in Malta is 85 Mbps.

3. How long is the processing time for Malta digital nomad visa?

It takes about a month to review your application and issuance of your Malta Nomad Residence Permit.

4. More European countries with Digital Nomad Visa.

Following are countries are the best choice for digital nomads in Europe:

  • Georgia.
  • Spain.
  • Greece.
  • Turkey.
  • Portugal.

5. Can your family join you on a Malta digital nomad visa?

Yes you can bring your family with you on Malta digital nomad visa and it includes your spouse and children.


Malta is a stunning place to live for digital nomads. The best part about the Malta Nomad Residence Permit is that you can visit other Schechingen areas without the hassle of getting a separate visa for them. Moreover, you’ll get a chance to inject positive vibes of Maltese culture into your personality. And there is a large community of digital nomads from all over the world. Thus you can excel your business by living in a community of great ex-pats.

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