Hungary Digital Nomad Visa Rejection & Appeal Procedure


Hungary is a melting pot for digital nomads where they can find a bulk of opportunities. Therefore if you apply for Hungary’s digital nomad visa but in return, it results in rejection then it would not be less than a shock for you. It’s a dream place where a freelancer or remote worker can find productive coworking spaces. 

Hungary has one of the fastest internet connections in the world. Moreover, the accommodation and monthly internet bill are also affordable. Hence instead of losing hope and shattering your dreams. Just follow the correct guidelines while applying and know the reasons for the refusal of visa application.

Reasons for Rejection of Hungary Digital Nomad Visa 

The rate of rejection is comparatively low but you must know the reasons for rejection. So that you can avoid making blunders while submitting your application.

  • Lack of Documents

Documents are the heart of any visa application. So make sure they are complete and are according to eligibility criteria. If you’re applying online then cross-check once all the information that you’ve given. Moreover don’t even try to provide false documents because this may result in a ban on issuing you a digital nomad visa.

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The essential documents for Hungary’s digital nomad visa include a valid passport, return ticket, and documents of accommodation proof in Hungary. 

  • Eligibility Criteria 

Before applying, read the eligibility criteria carefully. It includes your income, age, type of work etc. If you apply without meeting the eligibility criteria then your money would go to waste. As these countries precisely follow the rules they’ve mentioned for their remote passes. 

The eligibility criteria for Hungary remote work visa require that you must not be a European national, and you must know the use of digital tools. Moreover, your employment contract must be outside Hungary.

  • Income Criteria 

The foremost reason for the refusal of a remote visa application is not meeting the income criteria. The income criteria for Hungary’s digital nomad visa is at least $2046.16 per month. Hence if you fail to meet this income level there will be no chance even after applying again and again. Therefore calculate your monthly income wisely to see whether you can afford Hungary, being a digital nomad. 

  • Health Insurance 

After the pandemic, countries all over the world don’t compromise on health issues. Therefore if you fail to provide the legit documents for health insurance coverage within Hungary. As a result, your White Card application will be refused. Hence make sure to apply for health coverage earlier so that you can provide your document on time.

  • Proof of working as a Digital Nomad 

It is important to submit evidence in a visa application that you’re a remote worker or a digital nomad. So if you fail to provide them with all the necessary evidence, it may result in the refusal of your application.

The proof for Hungary’s digital nomad visa includes your resume/CV, experience as a remote worker, recommendation letter and comprehensive reason for your stay in Hungary. 

  • Return Ticket

It is mandatory to have a return ticket for Hungary digital nomad visa. In case you don’t have a return ticket then all your efforts for applying for the application will be fruitless.

  • Lack of Criminal Record 

If you don’t give your clean criminal record attested by the authoritative department of your country then your Hungarian digital nomad visa may be dismissed.

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How to appeal for Hungary Digital Nomad Visa Refusal? 

Here is a step-by-step procedure appealing for the rejection of your Hungary digital nomad visa application:

Step #1: Cross Check Documents 

You have to apply within a week after you know about your rejection of your application. Check your application and see where you have given the wrong information or where you lack providing documentation.

Step #2: Application Language 

Submit your application on A4 size paper to the Hungarian Embassy, mentioning all the information correctly. Your application must be in English or Hungarian. Make sure to write your name, date and signature on the application.

Step # 3: Submitting Application with Proof 

Take guidance from the embassy about applying. Attach the documents for proof with your application too while submitting.

Step # 4: Appeal Application Fee

After submitting your Hungary digital nomad visa refusal application you have to submit a fee of around $160. The embassy will guide you on the way to submitting the fee.

Step # 5: Contact with Counselor Section 

It will take about two weeks to reach your application to the counsellor section of Hungary’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Then they’ll contact you for further details. In some cases, they may take your interview.

Supporting Documents

Don’t just give an application mentioning all the details. Because if you want to make your appeal powerful then try to attach the supporting documents with your digital nomad visa rejection appeal. So that they can see the facts easily. Hence here is the list of some supporting documents that you can submit with your application.

  • Your evidence of being a digital nomad and willing to apply as a remote worker in Hungary. 
  • If they reject your application due to income then attach income proof with the bank statements.
  • Must provide them with clean criminal records.
  • Recommendation letters from the clients you’re currently working with and your previous clients too.
  • Give them strong arguments showing that their rejection is not correct. 
  • Explain all the reasons with proof of why they rejected your visa mistakenly.
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Hungary Digital Nomad Visa Rejection Rate

In the rejection case, you don’t have to worry at all because rejection doesn’t mean that you can’t apply again. You can appeal for your rejection with the help of the Hungarian Embassy. According to statistics, the rejection rate of Hungary’s digital nomad visa is 7.76%. So it means that you need little awareness so that you can give complete information while applying for your remote permit. 

Hungary Digital Nomad Visa Appeal Letter 

While appealing for visa rejection you must know the proper way to write an application. Hence here are some tips for writing an appeal letter for Hungary’s digital nomad visa.

  • The important information that you must include at the start of your application is your name, passport number, address, email and contact number.
  • Then write by mentioning the date of your visa rejection. Include all the reasons why the embassy has rejected your visa. 
  • At the end attach the evidence of the documents so that your appeal can be strong.
  • Now put your signature at the end of the appeal letter. And wait for 15 days for their reply from the consular section of the Hungary Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


1. How long does it take to appeal visa in Hungary?

It takes about 15 days for the decision on your matter of refusal of digital nomad visa application.

2. Can Hungary Digital Nomad Visa appeal be successful?

If you provide your application with all the proofs, arguments and reasons then surely your appeal can be successful.

3. What percentage of Hungary Digital Nomad Visa appeals are successful?

There is almost a 40-50% success rate in appeals of Hungary digital nomad visa appeals being successful.

4. What are some important supporting documents for Hungary’s digital nomad visa rejection appeal?

Here is the list of some important documents that you must attach with your application:

  • Your tickets.
  • Cover letter.
  • Recommendation letter.
  • Bank Statements.

5. Where you can submit your Hungary digital nomad visa appeal application?

You can submit your application to the nearest  Hungarian Embassy. They’ll pass on your appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in their counsellor section. 


Don’t lose hope after the rejection of your Hungary digital nomad visa. Because according to statistics more than 40% of appeals are successful. Hence if you submit your application with strong documents and proper arguments then they’ll surely contact you within 15 days. Moreover, try not to give any false information.

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