Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa: Application, Eligibility, and Cost


Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa: Application, Eligibility, and Cost

Finally, Malaysia has come up with a remote visa, which is also known as the DE Rantau Nomad Pass. It is packed with incredible perks for digital nomads, freelancers, and IT professionals from all over the world. This country is a land of diverse cultures, as people living in Malaysia are mainly Indians and Chinese. Hence, living in such a multicultural country will surely make your soul vibrant.

Malaysia has made such offers that any freelancer can afford to live there. Moreover, it is slowly and gradually becoming a hub for the professional digital nomad community. Therefore, being a part of that community will make you more productive in your work. This visa is especially designed to attract a large number of remote workers. 

You only need $24,000 per year to get a Malaysia nomad permit. And the best part about it is that you don’t have to pay any tax in Malaysia unless you’re working for a client outside Malaysia. Moreover, at such an affordable cost, you’ll get well furnished accommodation in Malaysia. Additionally, the coworking spaces are super friendly. 

As a result, Malaysia would be an excellent nomad destination because it has almost everything to offer. Moreover, you’ll find a charming and peaceful environment in that country. Hence, you can do your work with more passion and focus.

What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

A digital nomad visa is especially for remote workers who want to get out of the stress, boredom, and burden of their work. This visa gives you a legal permit to stay in other countries for at least 6 months to a year. Hence, you can enjoy your work more creatively in a new region and culture.

The foremost criterion for getting a digital nomad visa is your income. Therefore if your financial conditions meet the requirements of a specific country then don’t miss out the chance to grab the valuable opportunities in different regions of the world.

Is Malaysia a good country for Digital Nomads?

You can hardly find any reason to neglect Malaysia as your next nomadic destination. Because this place is ideal in every aspect. As a digital nomad, you’ll get a chance to meet the high professionals working in the country. This is all possible due to the decision the Malaysian government took to attract remote workers from all over the world.

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Moreover, Malaysia is one of the safest countries for digital nomads and travelers. Hence, there are rare chances of facing a crime. But still, it is advised to keep your belongings carefully secured in public areas. 

As nomadic and digital cultures are growing fast in Malaysia, they have provided every possible facility so that these people can do their work without worrying. Moreover, the internet speed is also fast and much better than in other South Asian countries. Indeed, working and traveling in Malaysia would be one of the most peaceful moments in the life of a digital nomad.

Documents Required for Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa

Following are the documents that you must have while applying for the DE Rantu Nomad Pass.

  • You must have your national passport copy and your passport sized photographs.
  • You have to show the documents having your income proof and bank statements. 
  • Moreover you must have your remote work contract ( three months older contract).
  • As Malaysia has a careful eye on the health of residents, tourists and workers etc. Therefore, health insurance is a must.
  • A spotless criminal record is also required for Malaysia’s nomad pass.
  • You must have a detailed resume.
  • Malaysia digital nomad visa also requires a Personal Bond Form. By filling this form it means you have agreed on all the rules and regulations mentioned on this form about your visa. You have to check its requirements according to your state here.

Eligibility Criteria for Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa 

You have to meet the following criteria to become eligible for a Malaysian remote pass.

  • Your monthly income should be at least $24,000 to meet the eligibility criteria of this visa.
  • You must have a remote work contract with your clients.
  • You must be an IT professional that includes digital makers,graphic designers,developers and content creators etc.

Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa Cost

The cost of a Malaysia digital nomad visa is $218, and that includes the processing fee too. Moreover if you are taking your family members with you then you have to give additional $109 than the actual fee. Most importantly, they refund you 75% of your visa fee in case it gets rejected.

Malaysia Digital Nomads Visa Income Tax 

The Malaysian government doesn’t charge any tax to the digital nomads or freelancers if their work contract is outside Malaysia. But if a remote worker has clients and contracts inside Malaysia and works for Malaysian companies, then he’s liable to pay income tax of around 30%.

How to apply for a Malaysia Digital Nomad Visa?

Following is a step-by-step guide on applying for a “Malaysia Remote Pass.”

  • Gather Documents 

Gather all the documents that are required for Malaysia’s digital nomad application form. Don’t forget to fill out the Personal Bond Form, as it’s necessary for Malaysian visas.

  • Submission 

You can submit the application form online and upload all your documents as mentioned in the form. Moreover, also fill in the details of your family in the same form if you’re taking them along.

  • Payment 

At last submit the application fee through online means (you can use your credit card or paypal).

  • Approval

Now wait for approval of your application. You’ll get the response within a month. And even if it gets rejected, some part of your fee will be refunded.

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Benefits of Working as a Digital Nomad in Malaysia 

There are tons of perks being a digital nomad in Malaysia.

  • Malaysia is a land of diverse beauty. It is an incredible example of nature. Therefore you’ll find tons of activities to do.
  • Having a place hub of cafe’s is what a digital nomad wants. Therefore in Malaysia you can fill your taste buds with every cuisine. Being a remote worker you’ll also find stylish and professional coworking spaces in almost all cities of Malaysia.
  • Rental apartments in Malaysia are comfortable and affordable. As maximum rent in Malaysia ranges from $400-$500.
  • The cost of living in Malaysia is 50% lower than that of the United States. Hence you can enjoy a lush lifestyle at such an affordable cost.
  • Malaysia is ranked among top countries having one of the fastest internet. The Internet connection in Malaysia costs around $20-$30. You can even find a free WiFi connection in most of the public places of Kuala Lumpur.
  • You don’t have to worry about language. As most of the public can speak and understand English. Moreover the people are friendly as they respect tourists a lot.

Best Cities for Digital Nomads in Malaysia 

Here is the list of the cities that are favorable for digital nomads in Malaysia.

1.Kuala Lumpur

So let’s start from the largest city and capital of Malaysia. This place offers its visitors  enchanting beauty. For this very reason, digital nomads from all over the world choose to stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There is a hub of business professionals in that city. Therefore, remote workers learn to be more productive in that kind of environment. 

Numerous stylish and affordable co-working spaces are stretched throughout the city. Most of the coworking spaces don’t charge more than $100 for a monthly plan for freelancers. Kuala Lumpur also has cafes, and they are famous for offering delicious Indian and Chinese style cuisine. Furthermore, the cost of living in Kuala Lumpur is $1,775. The internet is fast all around this city. 


Nomading in the world’s eighth most populous city isn’t less than an adventure. Penang is an island in Malaysia that is home to people from different cultures of the world. Moreover due to such a diverse community, the festivals never dulls the vibrance of that island. It would be great if you get a condo near the coastline. Because working in such an environment will shatter your stress.

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As this place is crowded, there is a lot of traffic most of the time. The weather is hot most of the time. Moreover, the rent of accommodation in Penang is mostly high. Hence, I’ll suggest that you stay there for a few days. This place is worth visiting due to its historical monuments and street art.

3.Kota Kinabalu

If you’re an admirer of lush green forests, waterfalls, and mountains, then Kota Kinabalu is an ideal place for you. Every day, you’ll find something new to renovate your soul. Moreover, this place is a hub of beaches, and hiking is the most popular activity in Kota Kinabalu. And you can also enjoy natural hot springs there.

The cost of living in Kota Kinabalu is around $1,500 to $1,700. Moreover, there is a good internet connection in these amazing coworking spaces. One of the best cafes in Kota Kinabalu are Nook Cafe and Woo!.Don’t forget to taste their cuisine.


Malacca is another city worth seeing in Malaysia. If you want to live in peace, then Malacca is for you. This place isn’t very crowded. But there are many sites to visit, and they truly reflect the beauty of Malacca. One of the best is “Menara Taming Sari,” where you can enjoy a glass cabin ride. It gives a view of the whole city.

As the night falls in Malacca, its “Jonker Street Market” becomes vibrant. You can wander for shopping, and don’t forget to enjoy the delicious street food in Jonker Street Market. But there are not many coworking spaces in Malacca. Hence, you have to buy a good WiFi package on your own. The cost of living in Malacca is around $1,037 per month.

5. Ipoh

Here is another peaceful place, “Ipoh.” This place is a hub of historical and colonial buildings. Moreover, it is also the safest city in Malaysia. You can enjoy the real taste of cultural food in Ipoh. 

There are a lot of museums and art galleries in Ipoh. But it doesn’t have many coworking spaces. This place is usually recommended to those who want to have an affordable stay in Malaysia. 

Best Coworking Spaces for Remote Workers in Malaysia 

Following is a list of the best coworking spaces in different cities in Malaysia.

  • WORQ, Kuala Lumpur.
  • GA Space, Kota Kinabalu. 
  • Regus, Johor Bahru.
  • iCube, Kuching.
  • Workify, Kota Kinabalu.
  • Grind Shack Workspace, Malacca.
  • Sandbox coworking space, Kuala Lumpur.
  • WeWork, Malaysia.
  • G Ofiz , Kota Kinabalu.
  • Incubator 4u, Ipoh.


What is the cost of living in Malaysia?

Malaysia is undoubtedly an affordable place for freelancers. Its cost of living, including food, travel, and accommodation, is $1,700 per month.

What is the internet speed in Malaysia?

The internet is fast in Malaysia, where its speed is 106 Mbps.

How long is the processing time for a Malaysian digital nomad visa?

It takes about a month for approval of Malaysia digital nomad visa.

More Asian countries with digital nomad visas?

Here are only two other other countries in Southeast Asia that offer remote passes for digital nomads.

  • Thailand.
  • Indonesia.

Can your family join you on a Malaysia digital nomad visa?

It’s easy to take your family with you on a Malaysia digital nomad visa.


Malaysia is one of the leading countries in the field of nomadism in Asia, as it provides remote workers with a favorable environment for their work. There are plenty of activities to do in Malaysia. Hence, you’ll never feel dull in Malaysia, not even at a single moment. So wait no more and step towards that productive land for the nomadic community, as it has so much to offer at an affordable cost.

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